Saturday, January 18, 2020

St. Martin's Chili Cookoff

   January 12, 2020

St. Martin in the Fields Chili Cook off. The results are in!

(text from the 07/17/20 St. Martin's Messenger)

Where can you find a seven-foot tall dinosaur and live bears and tigers? The St. Martin in the Fields Chili Cook-off, of course! Some of the finest chili chefs our parish has to offer competed in a heated contest this past Sunday and ladled up some home cooked goodness. Creative themes were aplenty and spirits were high, especially after a sip of Zombie brew from one of our contestants.

Seventeen chili recipes competed in our contest this year and the winners are:

  Spiciest Chili- Elizabeth Beck, Jennifer Petritz and Nancy Smith,
“Dinos and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!”

    Best Theme – Tim Kelly, “Jurassic Chili”

 Non-vegetarian – Lynn Mixon, “Kitchen Sink Chili”

          Vegetarian – Maryann Lozano, “Darn Good Chili”

            Sixteen and under – Gabby Nama, “Gabby’s Good Ole Chicken Chili”


         People’s Choice – Barbara Adler, “Cuzzin’s Finest Chili”

Thank you to all of our contestants:

 Ann Foster; Annemarie Madden; Barbara Adler; Chris Elwell; Dottie Palmer; Lynn Mixon; Steve and Becky Short; Susie Duke; Tim and Jody Kelly; Brayden Ebert; Eva Mclaren and Janie Alexander; Gabby Nama; Bill Bazzel; Elizabeth Beck, Jennifer Petritz and Nancy Smith; Maryann Lozano; The Mack Family; Chris Nama.

Also a special thank you to our judges: 

Rick Callaway, Genevieve Pearson, Bill Petritz, Sally Roy, and Belinda Wedgewood
It was not easy to pick the best one since they were all terrific chilis!

This event could not have been possible without the help of:

 Rick Cobb (electrical), Genevieve Pearson, Carrie Eagles, Leslie Uddin and Yong Eun to set up Gable Hall for this event. Also, thank you to the Trey Clegg Singers for an incredible concert afterwards in the church sanctuary. Best of luck to them on their road to Carnegie Hall!

Click here to see the photos from the Chili Cook off