Tuesday, November 13, 2018

2018 Annual Council Eucharist

Friday, November 9, 2018
Holy Innocent's Episcopal Church

Participating in the 2018 Annual Council Eucharist were members of the St. Martin's Choir, the St. Martin's School Chorus and acolytes from the church. Dr. Luis Ottley, Head of St. Martin's School received a Bishop's Cross.

Celebrant-Bishop Robert Wright
Preacher-Presiding Bishop Michael Curry
Assisting-Bishop Don Wimberly and Bishop Lambert


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Bishop Curry's Sermon

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St. Martin's School 5th Grade Chorus
Soloist  - Harper Kate Pistone.
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The Council Choir is made up from member of parish choirs throughout the 
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St. Martin's Head of School, Dr. Luis Ottley received a Bishop's Cross from Bishop Wright for his work on "Drawing the Circle Wider" at the 2018 Annual Council held at Holy Innocents' Episcopal Church and School on November 7-8, 2018

People are awarded the Bishop's Cross for excellent work in advancing the mission of the diocese. 

"Dr Ottley was awarded the Bishop's Cross because of his work in advancing the diocesan mission to draw the circle wider. He has done so by defining that circle very clearly with his school community and providing training and resources for the community to live and love in such a wide circle. He began by creating a multi-cultural education committee at the school. He trained that committee for a year and then used that committee to help train the rest of the school. In two years he hired a director of diversity and inclusion, increased the number of faculty/staff positions held by people of color, diversified the board, and continues to increase the diversity of our student body."
The Reverend Stefanie Taylor

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