Sunday, August 25, 2019

St. Martin's United, Rally Day, and Potluck

St. Martin-in-the-Fields
August 25, 2019

An Invitation:

St. Martin’s United: Rally Day and Potluck, Sunday, August 25
Rally day will be held during the 9:30 am Christian Formation hour in Pierce Hall. Please come check out all of the ministries and other service opportunities that abound at our parish. Perhaps you would like to volunteer for something new this year? Then, after the 10:30 am worship service, we will gather for fellowship and food at the potluck lunch in Gable Hall. We will also continue to explore the ministry offerings after lunch.

This year, we want to encourage everyone to spend quality time walking through the ministry tables that are in Pierce (and some in the hallway and in Gable Hall, too!). Thank heavens St. Martin's has to spread out their ministries in several locations to accomodate all we have to offer! To aid in our exploration process, the potluck desserts will be available in the back of Pierce Hall. Seek and ye shall find!


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The Rector's Sermon

The Rev. Monica Mainwaring

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The Rev. Monica Mainwaring ia the Rector